Middle School


The Middle school youth group is for grades 5th - 8th. The youth group meets every Sunday night from 5 - 6:30 @ The Warehouse


In our Middle school environment @ The Warehouse a student will have time to hangout with their friends, listen to music, play games and load up on sugar each week before we present a simple message from scripture that's relevant to their age and the issues they may be facing day to day. Following the message students break into Huddle Groups by grade/gender and have a chance to catch up on their week, discuss the week's topic and have the SAME caring leader their for them each week that's willing to pray for them, hangout with them, listen to them and just be a consistent influence in their lives over their Middle school years.


High School


The High School youth group meets at the Warehouse from 7 - 9:00 pm on Sunday nights.


Every Sunday night @ The Warehouse a HS student has a decent amount time to just unwind from the weekend, catch up with friends and just hangout. Whether a HS student wants to watch a game on the Big Screen, play ping pong, basketball or just talk with friends we want them to feel comfortable to be themselves at The Warehouse in a very non-threatening environment. About mid way through the night we come together for acoustic worship and teaching that's geared towards a HS student and their everyday struggles. 


We ultimately use this environment to connect students to a smaller scene and setting... Our HS Huddle Groups that meet mid-week based on Grade/Gender. 

At a Huddle Group a HS student will have time to talk with kids their own age and gender, connect with a caring adult who is willing to invest in them over their HS years .Each week at Huddle, kids will discuss the most recent topic covered Sunday night @ The Warehouse, discuss application of the scripture, talk about what's going on in their lives and really, just become friends who come together to learn from one another and be Discipled all at the same time. 

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