Praise Band

The Praise band helps bring the congregation into an intimate place of worship, using musical talents to serve God. The goal of these musicians is to be both leaders of worship and worshipers of God in all aspects of life. Reflecting the goals of Salisbury church, the Praise band brings a relevant, contemporary style of worship. It's a group of Christ-followers who love and pray for each other, serve with a humble heart, and work hard to bring their very best to the weekend celebrations. If you have been gifted with a musical talent to offer God, consider joining the Praise band!



For more information on any of the Worship Arts programs at Salisbury contact Jerry Thomason. Email:




The camera crew ensures that even the people in the back of the auditorium can see the activity on the stage by sending video signal to the big screens. Occasionally their skills are needed to capture footage of a special event.

For more info on the Camera Crew, contact:

Mike Moore, (217) 549-2582,




The Multimedia Tech Team runs the projection of lyrics during music worship and uses other visuals on the screen to enhance the worship experience, while creating as little distraction as possible. Even some of the background images are original creations of this team!

For more info on the Projection Crew, contact:

Janel Moore, (217) 549-2582,



The Video Crew also creates videos for a variety of ministry needs. These videos include short clips to enhance the sermons, video announcements of major events, and video testimonies. They also prepare the recordings of the services for viewing here on the website.

For more info about the Video Crew, contact:

Mike Moore, (217) 549-2582,


And More!

The above are the most visible responsibilities, but the work doesn't stop there. As the ministry grows, the team finds ways to reach more people, such as shut-ins, nursing homes, and hospitals, with the message of God by providing podcasting, DVDs, online videos, and more!


For more information, contact: Mike Moore

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