Welcome to the Warehouse

The Warehouse is the gathering place and the home of Salisbury's Student Ministry. We exist to create connection and direction for students, centered on Christ, developing Disciples.In other words, we want to provide a community for kids their own age that they feel apart of and give them an older spiritual influence that'll ultimately lead them closer to Christ.Our weekly large gatherings are designed for any kid to show up and feel at home at The Warehouse. We're pro's at funneling kids into smaller circles over time!


In the Gospel, you see Jesus doing one-on-one evangelism but you do not see much one-on-one discipleship. That is because discipleship happens best in a community of people. That is why we focus so much of our energy on getting students plugged into consistent Huddle Groups. It is also why we emphasize that parents are the primary disciple of their own kids and why we do our best to partner with them. It is why wee surround students with tons of Jesus followers and like for our Huddle Leaders to run with their group of students for as long as they can. 


Discipleship is a process. Jesus spent 3 years discipling His "Huddle Group". They ate together, traveled together, prayed together...they did life together. But even after all that time, their discipleship process was not complete. It never is really, because learning to live out our faith is a LIFE LONG PROCESS. Because we know discipleship takes time, we want to put leaders in their life who choose to invest in a few for a long period of time. 


So come and checkout theThe Warehouse for yourself. The Warehouse is located at 102 North 6th Street Charleston, IL 61920. Click here for directions using Google Maps. 



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