Parents of Salisbury Church Charleston Campus Kids


Your first place to start to join the fun on Sunday mornings is to check-in at the Registration area. There are two Self Check-in Stations that use your phone number to look you up. Not in the system yet? No problem, we have a help desk with volunteers ready to give you a hand on getting you acquainted with the in’s and out’s.


The Salisbury Church Charleston Campus ministry age breakdown is as follows:

  • Master’s Manger: 0-2yrs

  • Potter’s Clayhouse: 3-5yrs

  • J.C.’s Tree House: 6-10yrs


Transitioning children from one area to another is done on the 1st week of their birth month, when turning 3 years old or 6 years old.


Check-in time:

To ensure that there is a Children’s Ministry Team member ready to give your child their attention; Registration will be available for you 20 minutes prior to service starting. A name badge will print for every member of the family that is present. Please place these in a visible place on your clothing. The three digit code is helpful for volunteers to identify that you belong to your child.


Click Here for directions to each of the following areas.


Drop-off and Pick-Up:

Please pay close attention to the classroom signs. They will connect your child to their age group. Potter's Clayhouse children will be dropped off and picked up inside of their classrooms. J.C.'s Tree House children will be dropped off in the Large room for Activity Stations before service and picked from their classrooms.


All J.C.’s Tree House children will be dropped off and picked up from the Large Upper Room.

Partnering with Parents is highly valued in our Children's Ministry, and we offer a few resources that we hope will help you get connected to what we are sharing with your children every Sunday. This website is a great place for parents to get connected their children and serves as a extention for application to life.


Below is a few links to articles that can be very helpful as well.


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