Megan Smith

Serving In Mission - USA

"To effect positive change in the lives of broken people so that together we may see the world and the Church grow in grace, acceptance, vulnerability, justice, mercy, sacrifice, and self care; to shepherd the hurting and the shattered to our shared Father, who knows and loves fully and perfectly…”


These are just some of the words the Lord has pressed upon my heart as I enter into my role in ministry. And working with SIM USA in the Recruitment department gives me the opportunity to do these very things the Lord has called me to! SIM is made up of over 1,800 missionaries and has access to serve in 65 countries. While I am working in Recruitment, I have the opportunity to interact, mentor, and walk alongside every missionary that comes through SIM; shepherding them to Jesus and assisting them in their steps before, during, and after their ministry assignment. While I may be “stationed” in the US, I hope to use my placement in a way that effects positive movement of the gospel all over the world. I hope to make the light of Jesus known in every corner of the world by way of relationship with missionaries preparing to fulfill the “go” of the Great Commission!



SIM profile:

Dr. Bernie & Kelly Bledsoe

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) - Niger

The Bledsoe family began a new phase of ministry as they moved into one of the world's poorest regions: the West African country of Niger. Niger sets almost entirely in the Sahara Desert. Bernie and Kelly will physically and spiritually outreach to people in Niger through a variety of development programs. The Bledsoes have accepted the call to make disciples of all nations by evangelizing and church-planting in a country that is 99.7% Muslim! As with their prior ministry, a key focus of the ministry will be national leadership development and the Bledsoes will encourage and equip Nigerian Christians to impact their communities.


Mission Board Representative: Marsha Dawson



Art & Nancy Butler

World Gospel Mission - Phoenix, AZ

Art and Nancy Butler focus on Native American children and youth ministries.  Their circle of influence encompasses alumni of the Southwest Indian School, where they taught for 25 years.  Art is retired but is still regularly involved in mentoring Native American men. 


Nancy is active in helping to conduct Native American children and youth camps at the Southwest Indian Ministry Center.  Each summer about 120 youth, within grades 1-12, attend four different camps.  Some of the attending youth live in areas where drugs, gangs, and violence are prevalent.  Camp provides an atmosphere where children are exposed to Jesus every day.  Praise, as many of the campers make first-time commitments to follow Jesus. 


Mission Board Representative: Marsha Dawson

Todd & Duska Cornwell

Good Measure International - Charleston, IL

Todd and Duska Cornwell work with the administrative office for Good Measure International, right here in Charleston.   Good Measure is a ministry that helps connect those who have a desire to donate to the international missions that truly need the support.   As the executive director of Good Measure, Todd does the accounting for many of these missions.  Since they live in Charleston, they can be an active part of the community of Salisbury Church

Current Praises:
We are so thankful for the Lord's continued provision

Current Prayer Requests:

  • Spiritual protection for our missionary partners on the field and for us at home. There have many difficult situations arise this year!  We all need strength and wisdom.

  • We are still needing a few people on our personal support team, plus we are facing some medical bills and insurance expenses right now.

  • Prayer for direction concerning new ministries to come alongside, especially in India.

  • Unified direction concerning our "tent-making" venture (our shop on the square) and its future.

  • For renewal and passion in our hearts for the vision God has given us to seek the lost and serve the least of these.


Mission Board Representative: Brenda Warren

Sam & Connie Gill

World Venture - Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Gills have been serving as full-time missionaries in Brazil since 1973!  Sam seeks to stimulate a healthy church by nurturing and mentoring national Brazilian pastors. Connie seeks to restore emotional and spiritual health to Brazillian believers through recovery ministry.

Mission Board Representative:  Greg Kaurin

Tom Richardson

People Reaching People - Champaign, IL

Tom Richardson is an ordained minister and has established People Reaching People Ministries.  He has traveled over a million miles and over 5,000 times in the United States and other countries teaching Christians how to more effectively share their faith.  Tom's wife, Diane, and their two daughters have helped influence 30 of their neighbors to a relationship with Christ.

Current Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for strength, protection, and anointing as Tom travels

  • That God would provide for the cost of publishing the "Bring Someone With You" DVD's in Spanish

  • That financial needs for Tom's ministry will be met


Mission Board Representative:  Valerie Goodwin

Tim & Jennifer Sales

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Rockford, IL

The Sales' work through InterVarsity campus ministry at Rockford College and Rock Valley College.  Their mission is to lead students and faculty to spread the love of Christ throughout their campuses.

Tim leads weekly bible studies on both campuses and develops mentoring relationships with students.   The InterVarsity student group also takes part in service projects and outreach events to share the Gospel message to all college students.

Current Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of students towards Him and for us to connect to them in the first few weeks of each semester.

  • Pray for our students to live a life of bold witness and sacrificial love as they reach out to their friends and roommates.  

  • Pray for our family as we are in the exciting but busy time of ministry during the school year.


Mission Board Representative: Greg Kaurin

Alton & Cheryl Shady

International Gospel Outreach - Deltona, FL

The Shadys have responsibilities with International Gospel Outreach (IGO) in the areas of Mission Representation and Research and Planning.   They are involved in the Africans Teaching Africans program in Uganda and neighboring countries.  Their work is in research and curriculum development that will meet the needs of the men and women who desire to share God's word in their home communities and neighboring areas.


  • Answered prayer by confirming our new direction in ministry

  • A family is committed to working with the Manam people of Papua New Guinea in their local language.   This is an answer to many years of prayer.

Current Prayer Requests:

  • For open doors with churches, small groups and individuals who will partner with us to develop curriculum and provide materials and training to International believers who desire training in church planting and discipleship.

  • That we will be effective communicators here in the United States.

  • For the Africans Teaching Africans program in Uganda and neighboring countries.  For wisdom in this pilot project as we work on research and curriculum development.

Mission Board Representative:  Andrea Daily



Kathy Vanderpool

Teen Missions International - Merritt Island, FL

Kathy is the Assistant Director of Teen Missions International.  Over the years she has been instrumental in the training of various staff travel teams and missionaries.  She has also participated in several international trips with teams herself including some to launch new ministries.

Current Praises:

  • Last year approximately 8,000 decisions were made for Jesus through the 23 Boot Camps.

  • A Muslim tribe called 'Yao' has allowed a Christian bible school in the area.   It was started for the youth but some adults are beginning to listen.

  • Praise to the Lord for His continued faithfulness as He helps to give Kathy health, strength, energy, and wisdom for each day

Current Prayer Requests:

  • Prayers for continued health, strength, energy, and wisdom for the hectic schedule that is required for her position and that she meets her deadlines.

  • Travel safety while transporting the "Missionaries to America" teens across the United States from Florida to Canada while sharing their message at various cities along the way.

  • Prayer for the 708 team members that will be serving the Lord all over the world.  That their hearts would be moved in their relationship to the Lord.


Mission Board Representative:  Jolene Straight

Susan Westfall

Serve India Ministries (SIM)

Susan has been a full-time, faith-supported missionary for 26 years, 13 of which were with Teen Missions International.  Susan helped co-found Serve India Ministries in September of 2006 and serves on the board.  

Serve India Ministries seeks to plant 100,000 churches in unreached areas of India by the year 2020 by training and equipping 20,000 native missionaries to 
plant churches.

As Director of  Operations, Susan IS the US office.  She administrates all the daily phone, e-mail, and website inquiries, handles the ongoing donor communications, legalities of a 501(c)(3) ministry, and the general organization and operations of the ministry. There are five other members of the SIM US team.


Susan's Serve India office is located in rural North Carolina. In addition to her SIM duties, she volunteers her time as a county chaplain and as an EMT Basic at the local county rescue squad. 


There are four other members of the SIM US team.


Praise Points

  • Ebey had a successful Spring tour in the USA; thanks for those prayers

  • Serve India office work finally caught up after earlier India trip

  • I have officially started as chaplain with Gates County Sheriff's Office

  • Ministry opportunity to lead a ladies retreat in September

Prayer Requests:            

  • Please pray for Ebey's Fall tour to the US

  • SIM needs monthly support for the admin expenses of the US office.

  • SIM needs more prayer partners.

  • SIM needs more US staff members.

  • Susan needs a few more team members for her personal support team.


For information please check out the Serve India Ministries site -

Mission Board Representative: Brenda Warren

Megan Zuber

Kathmandu, Nepal

My main goal in life, not only in mission, is to give God all the glory so really I’m no different then most of us that call ourselves Christian. The only way I am different is by location. I asked God if I could serve Him in Kathmandu, Nepal and He graciously said ‘yes’. 


Serving coffee is not only a profession, an art, and sustainable trade but a way to communicate with endless amounts of people. God saw it fit for me to continue to work in coffee shops and now I am pleased, to say, I am partnered with a company that is allowing me to open up a cafe’. 


The company I work with is called Five14. We are an adventure tourism company focused on seeing Nepal transformed and redeemed to Christ. We do this in several ways; having a guest house, offering adventure to tourists, partnering with rural communities, ect. and now by opening a cafe’. All of these means of business provide special opportunities to interact and create relationship with those that need Jesus.  


Mission Board Representative: Shannon Trueblood

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