Hutton Campus


The Hutton Campus of Salisbury Church, located in rural Charleston, was the first campus established at Salisbury Church. When the church body began to outgrow the building, a large portion of the congregation “moved to town” and began establishing the Charleston Campus. The congregation that remained at the Hutton Campus continued offering a relaxed, small-church atmosphere with a weekly adult Sunday School class beginning at 8:30am and a traditional service beginning at 9:30am. Expect to be greeted with a smile and a hug.


Each week, the entire congregation meets together in the sanctuary at 9:30 for worship led by a rotating team of volunteers. (The nursery can be staffed from the beginning of the service if there is a need, and as our congregation grows younger, the need seems to be present more and more! We praise God for that!) Almost every week, we are blessed with a special song prepared by a member of the congregation. Following a time of worship, Children’s Ministry volunteers escort children ages 3-10 downstairs to their Sunday School classes. Once children graduate out of 5th grade, they will remain upstairs with the adults in the Sanctuary for the sermon, delivered by Pastor Michael Stewart. Occasionally we are blessed with a sermon from Pastor Ray Finney or another member of the Salisbury Church family.


If you have questions about the Hutton Campus or want more information about the small groups, you can call the Charleston Campus office anytime and our Administrative Assistant will help get your questions answered.


Bible Study at Hutton - 6:30 pm Wednesdays

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