Haiti Partnership


The purpose of this partnership is to come alongside Fenel and support the vision God has given him. It's to fulfill the mission given to us by Jesus Christ in Acts 1:8. ACT: Assist, Care and Transform


House of Abraham (HOA)

HOA is a ministry of Go Out Ministries in Jacme, Haiti. Go Out Ministries is a non-profit organization committed to glorifying God by caring for the less fortunate children in Haiti. Their primary focus is children that are socially and physically at risk. HOA now houses thirteen children in their care and is raising them to be future leaders in Haiti. 


Fenel and Mimi Bruna and their staff at HOA are dedicated followers of Jesus with a vision to change the future of Haiti through the children. Fenel believes that they are Haitian for a reason and although money is helpful it has not changed Haiti, but he believes the love of God can. 

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