2016 Mission Trips

Destination Haiti

Dates: January 16-22, 2016


Destination : Haiti

Dates: June 4-10, 2016


Destination: Cuba

Dates: June 8-15, 2016


Destination: New Your City

Who: Student Ministry

Dates: March 12-19, 2016


Why Go?


Mission Trips are life changing experiences. They introduce you to more cultures and teach you something each time you go. You might go on a trip thinking that you are going to help others and end up coming home knowing that you are so blessed.  This is the way the Kingdom of God works. Giving is always more blessed than receiving. 


Who Can Go?


  • People with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • People with a servant's heart, interested in mission work and open to God's calling

  • People physically able to tolerate rugged conditions and can participate in work-related projects


What Is The Process?


  • Contact the Mission trip leader or the church office

  • Consult a physician/health department for shots which may be required

  • Obtain a passport if the trip is outside the United States

  • Apply for you passport several months in advance of your trip. The fee for a passport is $100

  • Complete training


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