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 Salisbury Children’s Ministry exists, to build God’s kingdom through empowering children with the love and knowledge of Christ. Each area of the children’s ministry has the underlying mission identical to the mission of Salisbury Church. 


Reaching Out In the Children’s Ministry we call our “Reaching Out”- Missions Moment. This is time we take to look at places that are in need of the message of Christ and learn about missionaries and what they are doing. The first Sunday of every month is devoted to the House of Abraham the orphanage in Haiti. We try to focus the remaining Sundays of the month on another area of need so the children have opportunity to learn what God is doing around the world.


Growing Strong In C.M teaching children about Christ and how He can change our everyday life is top priority for “Growing Strong”. The Bible is our source of information to encourage children in their spiritual growth through engaging worship, lessons, and activities.


Giving Back We provide the children a chance to give to those less fortunate - the first Sunday the offering goes to Widley Benjamin, the child from House of Abraham sponsored by C.M; other offerings

are given to the mission we are focusing on that month. Other ways we encourage “Giving Back” includes participating in C.O.R.E. , gathering items for Operation Christmas Child and sharing what they learn with others.


If you would like to be part of this exciting work of the Lord contact us and we will get you started! The Lord will bless you above and beyond anything you can imagine as you share His love! 

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