Each and every Sunday The Warehouse is full of 5th-12th grade students that make up Salisbury’s student ministry. Pack is the weekly teaching environment for 5th through 8th-grade students. Each week, students experience a combination of music, games, teaching, and most important, interaction with a small group of peers and a dedicated leader. Propel is our high school ministry. Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices, join a huddle group, positively influence their friends and live a life that reflects Jesus.


As a whole at The Warehouse, we want to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to create environments where our “Churched” kids are comfortable in inviting their “Unchurched” friends. We believe that life change happens best by moving students from rows to circles and giving them a circle of friends to walk with throughout a particular season of life. Along with a group, we provide a leader that they can follow, that they can watch and that will disciple them.


Finally, we know that nobody has more influence on the students that walk into The Warehouse than their parents. We want to let parents know that we’re here to help, we want to provide support and we want to allow you to parent beyond your capacity through the student ministry at Salisbury. Kids that are coming to Church, staying involved in the Church and growing in Christ have a few common denominators… Their parents were connected to the church themselves; they were provided a small group of students to walk alongside throughout their school years, along with another spiritual influence beyond mom and dad. We want to make this happen at Salisbury.

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